Of course you do. I did a post about them a couple of weeks ago saying you need to start following them, and now they’ve decided to be awesome and release a new song in the form of this video, which is entitled “Bravery“, and is pretty sweet.


It’s a very different song than “Ice on Fire“, but it’s still more of the same style of awesome that we should begin to expect from Numbers. The music is damn fantastic, and their rather unique use of synth and piano really places it ahead of their peers. The vocals are also very good;  his cleans still lack some polish on a couple of occasions, but the shining parts outweigh the not-so-shining parts splendidly.

Of course, the harshes are fantastic.  I’m sure after a little bit, his cleans will be flawless.

Keep an eye on Numbers YouTube and Facebook for more awesome tunes.


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