Thalleluja, Vildhjarta’s debut album Måsstaden is in sight at long last! Måsstaden is slated for a November 29th release date on Century Media and is a concept album that tells the tale of a hidden and isolated town, narrated in a classic fable manner.

Along with the album art (above, illustrated by Rickard Westman), the band has released the tracklisting, and follows as such:

1. Shadow
2. Dagger
3. Eternal Golden Monk
4. Benblåst
5. Östpeppar
6. Traces
7. Phobon Nika
8. Måsstadens Nationalsång
9. When No One Walks With You
10. All These Feelings
11. Nojja
12. Deceit
13. The Lone Deranger

Oh no, the record is bilingual! Hopefully the concept isn’t hard to follow, because it certainly sounds interesting. Google tells me that “Måsstaden” is Swedish for “Exhibition Centre,” but then asks if I mean “Småstaden,” which means “small town,” which fits with the concept. Also, it could mean “Seagull City,” but that’s probably a huge reach. Silly language barriers! I’m sure I’m in the ballpark though. Someone with a grasp for Swedish fill me in, here!

At any rate, more details about the album are forthcoming. Hopefully we can hear some new music soon!

– JR


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