This Canadian quintet have caught my eye since their conception back in March. I learned about them through their vocalist’s Youtube channel (which features some outstanding guitar covers of BTBAM and PtH). Upon my first listen of their debut song “Stray”, I was captivated. This band doesn’t have much to be judged on but I have yet to tire of their two tracks “East of Eden” and “Stray”. Between the copious amounts of catchy riffs, beautiful passages and some well executed technicality, there isn’t much this band doesn’t seem capable of.

Their style is in the vein of Protest the Hero. This is hardly a bad thing though. It seems like a step in the right direction if you can make a comparison like that with only two songs. Not to mention the vocals are just fantastic and put a refreshing j-rock esque spin on things.

I see a lot of potential in this band. Check out their two songs below, and if they tickle your genitals in a pleasing way you can go and like them on Facebook and download them for free!



– CD


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