The end of October is looking to be pretty sweet. You have Uneven Structure‘s Februus—which I’m pretty sure is going to be album of the year material, especially after hearing their latest offering—and Elitist‘s Earth, which is also going to be awesome. And speaking of Elitist, they oh-so-kindly released a new song from Earth, which is entitled “Fracture“, which you can hear here:


I swear, Elitist are of of the best metalcore bands out there, and this song proves it.  They fuse metalcore riffs with atmosphere with ease, and it makes everything sound fresh and new.  I even like the electronic part at the end, which reminds me of Born of Osiris.  Now with this and Specter released, it’s official:  Earth is going to be amazing.

Earth is to be released October 25th on Blk Heart Group.

– GR


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