We might be finally bringing our online community into the real world when Heavy Blog Is Heavy and The Number Of The Blog meets up next summer for Maryland Deathfest 2012. As it stands now, Quigs and Snags from TNOTB and Noyan and I from HBIH will be in Baltimore for all four days! Now, anything could come up in the next eight months or so, but the plan is for us to meet up and enjoy the biggest death metal festival in North America. Tickets have been purchased, and we are beyond excited!

While we’re there, we hope to interview bands and review sets. I plan on doing an old-fashion personal blog on the experience, but maybe if there’s enough interest and demand, we may live-blog throughout the day. It’s up to you folks! We’re going and we have the tools to report back to you, so please let me know in the comments section below what you want and expect from us while we’re in Baltimore next May.

Want to meet up with us and hang out? Excellent! You can purchase tickets and check out all the cool details (lineup, running order, hotel and venue info) over at the Maryland Deathfest website and let us know if you plan on going! We’ll talk more about this when it gets closer to the date, but consider this a heads up. Tickets might sell out well in advance!

– JR


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