I’ve been hearing and seeing a lot about this new French band Beyond the Dust. They’re a djent-oriented band, featuring bassist Valentin Hauser from Betraying the Martyrs and guitarist Steeves Austin of A-SynC. They’ve apparently opened up for Monuments, Sybreed, and Protest the Hero and are set to support Becoming the Archetype into the next month across Europe. Why have I never heard of them before?

At any rate, Beyond the Dust have gained a new vocalist in this dude named Alex and are set to release a new single this fall. The above teaser video sounds and looks pretty nice, so they’re definitely a band to keep an eye on into the next year. We’ll let you know when the single drops, but to stay on top of things yourself, you should keep up with their facebook page, where you can stream some jams from an older EP of theirs—and it ain’t half bad!

– JR


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