All Pigs Must Die

God Is War

01. Death Dealer
02. Pulverization
03. Sacrosanct
04. God Is War
05. The Blessed Void
06. Third World Genocide
07. Extinction Is Ours
08. Sadistic Vindicator


My first run in with All Pigs Must Die came about during a recent gig which involved them and Trap Them playing a ‘versus set’ where they would switch out every few songs and alternate periodically. With only low quality footage available online, it was doomed to only be documented with a hugely over driven sound that meant everything became a smear of distortion. So, in the end, both bands sounded extremely similar… Thankfully, due to the wonders of modern technology in being able to take a snapshot of a bands sound at any time (in this case, in the form of recent release God Is War) we can now all bear witness to the fact that in the studio both bands sound extremely similar…

But please, don’t me wrong. I really enjoy listening to God Is War. It’s one of those records where any attempt to describe it essentially devolves into blubbering as many synonyms for the word ‘brutal’ as you can think of before finally giving in, shouting ‘SLAYYYARGHHHH’ and beating your chest like a Manowarrior. But I shall persevere on and try. God Is War rages through half an hour of crusty Entombed-core in the vein of Nails that goes by far too quickly and takes no prisoners. Quite honestly, it’s one the most angry records I’ve heard all year and, in the world of metal, that’s feat not to be sniffed at.

If you don’t believe me, then have a listen to “The Blessed Void” or “Sacrosanct“. Drummer Ben Koller, of Converge fame, simply perfects the idea of a ‘drum introduction’ twice, on one album. It’s a dizzying assault of battery that perfectly encompasses the aim of All Pigs Must Die; to disorientate, desecrate and destroy. That’s not to say that Koller didn’t impress on his work with Converge but I feel like he really cuts through succinctly on God Is War and I also don’t want to insinuate that the band are held up simply by the pedigree of Koller because each member holds their own easily – it’s quite satisfying to hear a band that can seem so fluid in making such a caustic sound.

Whilst it’s the briefer tracks that make up the majority of the album, All Pigs Must Die attempt to break the mould a few times most notably by toying with slower tempos and more intricate changes. The title track and 8-minute epic “Sadistic Vindicator” being prime examples of this, they outstay their welcome a little by focusing too long on a couple of less interesting ideas but for the most part it’s a jarring and unnerving slow burner with a vibe more akin to Eyehategod than anything else. However, when an album barely just scratches half an hour then any filler is unfortunate at best and both these tracks are guilty of it.

To explain the differences between God Is War and Darker Handcraft is unfortunately simple. Darker Handcraft is a blisteringly good record from a band that has refined and streamlined it’s sound over many albums and splits. God Is War is the rough and ready sound of a band wading straight into the water with mixed but mostly positive results and, to be entirely fair to them, not many bands could create a debut like this.


All Pigs Must Die – God Is War gets…



– DL


PS: This band is also a funny example of the Encyclopedia Metallum’s rules on a band being included. Both Trap Them and Black Breath have a page but All Pigs Must Die and Nails don’t. Very strange.

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