Seeing Jimmy’s passing mention of how he enjoyed Bring Me The Horizon‘s latest album, 2010’s There is a Heaven…/There is a Hell…, in his post on the American Juggalo documentary the other day reminded me to do something I’ve been meaning to do for awhile. Write about them. More specifically, to tell you that this band is really good. I am a fan, and I am 100% unashamed to admit it.

Sure, I was drinking the haterade like most of you for awhile. Their early material is fairly entry-level, and they look goofy as hell and all the little scene kids adore them, so automatically we  ‘real metalheads’ have to despise them, right? It’s an understandable knee-jerk reaction, and I pretty much wrote them off after Suicide Season – although I didn’t particularly hate it – but when one of my best friends told me to check out Heaven/Hell, and literally would not stop raving about it, I gave it an open minded spin and was totally floored.

It really is a great album, and over a year later I only appreciate it more with each listen.  Solid all the way through and often incredible, unbelievable production, and some of the best guitar tones I’ve ever heard on any album, in any genre. If you passed this album up, you should really give it another go.

But in this day and age a great sounding album does not a great band make.  So when the same friend asked me if I wanted to go see BMTH when their tour with Parkway Drive and Architects came through town a few weeks ago, I thought, ‘Sure, why the hell not?’ It wasn’t the tour of the century by any stretch, and probably not one I would go to by myself, but I haven’t been to many shows lately and had nothing better to do on a Thursday night. So why not chug a few beers and hear a few chugs, if you will?

I’ll be damned, Bring Me The Horizon are a killer live band. Although they venture through some more pronounced emo/scene material on record, in a live setting they are a loud, obnoxious, crushingly heavy party band; a living, breathing, rock and roll band that just happens to be heavy as shit. They steamrolled the place with a great sounding set of new and old material that all translated exceptionally well to live performance. Probably the most impressive thing about them was despite their obvious popularity, they don’t come off as pretentious or full of themselves in the least. They play hard and win fans over the old fashioned way. Frontman Oli Sykes in particular could be excused if he was a bit of a douche—he’s young, all the ladies (*cough* 15 year old girls) love him, and his band is huge—but he came off as  genuinely appreciative and down-to-earth, even going as far as to climb the monitor up to the balcony at St. Andrews and take a lap through the crowd at the end of the show.  Pretty cool.

I don’t mean to go on and on, but I believe in credit where credit is due, and I think BMTH are doing things the right way. It remains to be seen where their career will take them, but they have a ton of potential and I am looking forward to a new album next year. Regardless of what you think of their music and what you are basing your opinion on (the music itself, or their image, or overall popularity etc), I think they fall squarely into the category of ‘bands there is no need to actively hate on’ because there are so many bands out there that are so, so much worse. Save the rage for those other bands, I say.

Or don’t. Whatever. Feel free to share your opinion or misplace your rage in the comments section.

– JB


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