Dead in the Dirt - Fear Dead In The Dirt


01. The Screaming Wind
02. Bastards of the Bleak
03. Disease
04. Two Flames
05. Burden of Life
06. Can They Suffer
07. Biting at the Binds
08. Sever the Tie
09. Skin Graft
10. Fear

[Southern Lord Recordings]

In a year that has seen its fair share of clean, crisp and well polished albums, I find that with each passing month I’ve slowly been drifting away from all of that. It’s not that I have any qualms with the way an album sounds or is produced; I was just missing that raw and unbridled feeling that truly captures the essence of a band. Most albums nowadays are sounding way over polished and mechanical, and in doing so, kill any actual feeling and connection between the band and the listener. Of course, this is purely opinion as it’s different for everyone, and in my case I found what I was looking for in the raw, filthy and aggressive noise-fest that is dead in the dirt.

Hailing from Atlanta, GA, dead in the dirt’s EP Fear is nothing short of aural abuse, as its blistering pace just roars through all ten tracks, resulting in eleven and half minutes of pure grinding mayhem. Take the same grit, crunch and hostile approach heard from such bands as NAILS and Trap Them and combine it with the dark atmosphere of Rotten Sound and you’ve got Fear.

In typical grind fashion, dead in the dirt waste little time in going straight for the jugular as the opening track, “The Screaming Wind” unleashes fast, crusty riffing, pulverizing drumming, groovy bass lines and vicious screams, which are sure to smash a hole right through your fragile shell of a body. Even better, this maddening assault continues all the way to the closing of the title track, “Fear”, and even though it comes as no surprise that most of these tracks barely make it to the two minute mark (which is common with most grind bands), they still pack a hell of punch.

Overall, Fear is a quick listen that offers plenty of ferocity and pissed off attitude with nary a breather or soft spot to dull its pace. The production captures the bands raw energy, and if their live performance is anything like this EP they must put on a killer show. At times, though, the bass seems to get overpowered by the high feedback and frenzied riffs, but other than that it’s safe to say Fear will please anyone who gets a hard on for crushing, grinding and downright filthy tunes. I could have handled another song or two from these guys, mainly because I didn’t want this EP to end, but I understand it’s best to leave the listener wanting more, rather than trying to cram as much music into their ear holes as possible. Quality of over quantity.

With Fear, dead in the dirt have proven they have what it takes to contend with some of grinds greatest, as this EP is merely a stepping stone for what is looking to become a promising career for this up and coming grind outfit.

Dead In The Dirt – Fear


– DA

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