We’re back once more with a couple of new album streams for you to check out, as well as an exciting new track. Exciting innt?!

First up is the stream for VolumesVia. This one has sort of passed us by with the faintest whisper of ‘meh’, but we might give it a good going over like your sister after prom and let you know about it afterwards. Make up your own mind here at Revolver, where the whole album is available. It was released earlier this week through Mediaskare Records.

Next up are Suffokate, who I’ve never listened to and have a funny feeling are something of a breakdown brocore band based on their image and band font, who released their new album Return To Despair this week. Give it a chance if that sounds like your particular basket of broconuts over at Hails and Horns. That said, guitarist Taylor Jones says “This is more of a dark album lyrically and musically with more metal and less of just breakdown after breakdown”, so perhaps less of the shitty deathcore vibe I’m expecting. Album was out on Tuesday, also through Mediaskare Records.

Finally, and most exciting from my perspective, is the new song from post-metal types Russian Circles. These guys are a serious talent, and if you aren’t excited for their forthcoming new album Empros then this should make you pant-wettingly ecstatic.

The track’s called “Mladek” and is available over at Rolling Stone, with Empros out October 25th through Sargent House.

There’s your warm stream of something warm down your pant leg for today. Enjoy the rest of the day folks!

– CG


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