Whitechapel always struck me as being either generic or fairly decent until their latest album A New Era Of Corruption dropped. Then I thought they were alright, or pretty good at best. I figured they’d eventually work themselves into a sound I could actively enjoy as their career progressed, and this new Whitechapel track “Section 8” is pretty damn awesome.

It’s a pretty interesting track that actually makes use of the three guitars. My only problem with the track is the style of mixing and the choice of tones which emphases low end and buries the leads and higher notes underneath, leaving them just barely audible. There’s a lot of cool ideas, and it’s a shame they’re barely audible. The song is still pretty awesome and gets me excited for their upcoming EP, rumored to be titled Recorruption, and is set to include some remixes of tracks, one of which from The Dillinger Escape Plan‘s Ben Weinman. That should be out around November 8th via Metal Blade.

Give “Section 8” a stream over on the band’s Facebook. A like is required, but suck it up and quit being greedy.

– JR


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