I reported a few weeks ago the sad news that Down I Go, one of Britain’s most unique and interesting bands – and I’m not even sure how to class them beyond their own silly made-up term ‘disastercore’ – are soon to release their final EP Gods through shelsmusic before going their separate ways.

I still haven’t figured out why they’re disbanding, but they’re not going out without one classy bang – a full-blown screening of their final video for the track “Poseidon” in a cinema in the Shoreditch area of London. From the band:

“Come and join us to watch our latest (and last ever) music video, directed by the magnificent Adam Powell, on the Big Screen at the beautiful Aubin Cinema in Shoreditch.

At 4pm, we’ll all share a few drinks, as we listen to the fine musical stylings of Holy Show ( http://www.soholyshow.com/ ), after which we’ll step into the luxurious confines of the Aubin Screen and enjoy a first view of the new Down I Go video ‘Poseidon’.

As many of you may know, after our new EP is released (out Nov 7th onhttp://shelsmusic.com/ ), we’re ceasing to exist as a band, so it’d also be a wonderful opportunity to get together with all the friends we’ve made over the years, crack open a beer, toast the band and then WATCH A BANGING NEW THEATRICAL VIDEO FOR SOME EYEBALL-SCORCHING METAL ON A MASSIVE CINEMA SCREEN!!”

For those of you interested, details of when and where are after the jump. Know that this event is absolutely free, and you can follow the details on Facebook too.

In the meantime, the guys have also posted this video following the tracking of “Demeter” (technically a goddess) and counting and stuff.


As the dudes say above, Gods is out on November 7th through shelsmusic, and although I can’t wait, I’ll be sad to see them go.

– CG

08 October · 16:00 – 17:30

The Aubin Cinema
64-66 Redchurch Street
E2 7DP



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