I discovered Turbid North a few weeks ago when a friend of mine sent me a link to a band he claimed was described as “Alaskan mountain metal.” Utterly curious as to what a band influenced by the icy, earth behemoths of the north would sound like, I gave it a shot. Needless to say, they fit their “genre” quite well and are pretty damn good at it! This year hasn’t been very exciting for death metal (for me, anyway – perhaps I’m missing some gems) other than Beyond Creation‘s stellar The Aura so when the song was over, I was happy that I got my fix of death metal.

These half-Alaskan, half-Texan (how ironic) boys don’t just stick to death metal, however. They heavily infuse classic melo-death, thrash, sludge and post-metal to make a soundtrack worthy of fighting bears in a blizzard. Extremely tight and precise riffing over death metal drumming with a dual vocal assault of shrieks and growls mixed with the occasional Baroness-style sludge vox make for a very good combination that is not only heavybut has its own flair too.

The mixture of the artwork, the band name, the song titles and actual music really accentuate the cold, mountainous atmosphere they were going for. It’s never overbearing, but it’s never lacking either. They’ve found a really nice balance that allows you to feel the  bitter cold, but also bang your head to some quality riffs. Check out “Between the Glacier and the Sea” below to find out what I mean:


What is really commendable about these guys is they are a DIY band. In this era where everyone is a one man show armed with Axe FX and programmed drums writing sterile, overproduced djent shit (note: I don’t hate djent, it’s just way overdone), Turbid North are booking their own shows, making their own artwork and recording/producing their own music with results that sound very professional. You have to give ’em credit.

The depressing part is that these guys only have two albums out, one of which seems to get pretty average reception so if they perk your interest my recommendation would be to check out Orogeny. It’s a pretty damn good album that fell under the radar last year.

Anyway, just wanted to share some good music I’ve recently discovered before I crawl back into my hole of absence! Make sure to check after the jump for another good song by these bros and the artwork for Orogeny (because it kicks ass).

– MK



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