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Apparently someone decided to film a documentary during the infamous Gathering of the Juggalos. Bless him. American Juggalos is pretty neutral and doesn’t give this subculture a ton of shit, but I always thought the whole juggalo thing was silly and most of the self-proclaimed ones I’ve met in person have been quite unpleasurable. This documentary only serves to reinforce this idea. Seriously, after the intro not even two minutes in, someone shouts “suck my nuts” at the camera. What sticks in my craw though is this rant from a woman over three minutes in:

“[Juggalos] are kind people that people look down upon because they listen to weird shit. They didn’t like their music or their appearance so they turn them away.”

I don’t think it’s because they listen to weird shit so much as they listen to lowest-common denominator poser-hip hop. I listen to “weird shit” too, but my weird shit has been critically acclaimed. But music taste is subjective and I get it, but what really annoys me the most about Juggalos is their perpetuation of the ignorant redneck stereotype. Sure, just like any group, there are great people (a few of them pop up throughout the documentary), but when you have loud and flamboyant wannabe trailerpark gangsters with pot tattoos that fail to construct a single sentence that doesn’t rely on expletives, then I can’t help but to feel nothing more than annoyance at this whole subculture. The local church is turning your friend away because it shows a lack of tact and common sense to not walk around with green braids, cursing like a sailor and smelling like weed.

You can be a pleasant person and listen to whatever music you want. I enjoyed Bring Me The Horizon‘s latest album, but I’m not going to get neck tattoos and obscenely large ear gauges. I enjoy some black metal, but I’m not going to run around the forest in corpse paint wearing spikes. Don’t make yourself a caricature and this won’t happen. Plain and simple.

So that’s enough of that. The documentary was seriously shot quite well for it essentially being a series of embarrassments, so give it a view and rage at the idiocy.

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