Nearly two weeks ago but hey…we’re a little slow on the uptake sometimes.

I’ve never quite understood why I’m drawn to Giant Squid‘s music so much, it tends plod along quite daintily compared to the aural assaults to which I normally subject myself. Whether that’s entirely down to the soothing vocals and cello of Jackie Perez Gratz (Grayceon, ex-Ludicra) is subject to personal opinion but, overall, this is music that mesmerizes, not pulverises.

Revolver recently premiered a track from their upcoming album/EP Cenotes and whilst I may have missed it initially, I’m glad I stumbled upon it because this is everything I loved about their previous record – off kilter and haunting cello lines sit happily alongside a doom-y band jam that wouldn’t be out of place on a latter day Isis record. Cenotes is set to be released through Translation Loss Records on the 25th of October but you can listen to ‘Figura Serpentinatahere.

– DL

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