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The discovery of a new band is always exciting. Will it be something you’ve heard countless times? An experience that leaves a bad taste in your mouth? Or is it a treat from which you cannot stop consuming? I wanted to take a trip back in time to reminisce about bands/albums that not only introduced me to heavy music, but kept me coming back for more…

From The Archive: Killwhitneydead – Nothing Less, Nothing More

Killwhitneydead - Nothing Less, Nothing More

Every now and then I find myself needing a break from all the technical and serious music I listen too on a regular basis. Now I’m not saying I go outside and listen to the sound of nature (although that is relaxing to do from time to time), but rather, I tend to listen to bands that are simply having fun with their music. One band in particular that I enjoy from time to time, also dabbles in heavy music, but there’s more of a comedic and outlandish approach to it. Hailing from Greensboro, NC, metalcore outfit Killwhitneydead have been dishing out their brand of music that combines a mixture of metal and hardcore styled riffs with harsh/death metal style vocals. But what sets them apart from other metalcore bands, is their use of audio samples from popular movies and television shows that aren’t just thrown in for the hell of it, but are actually an integral part of the bands music.


I found out about Killwhitneydead through a friend of mine. He burned me a copy of their 2004 album, Never Good Enough for You, and once I got into the bands premise I soon found myself enjoying the album. Now I’m all for a band using audio samples in their songs, just so long as it helps in enhancing the meaning behind the song. At times though, they can get to cumbersome for there own good, and such is the same with Killwhitneydead, but for the most part, they do a great job of incorporating the samples into each song. Out of all their full-length albums, I’ve particularly grown fond of their newest album, Nothing Less, Nothing More. On this album, not only has their songwriting improved, but their overall sound is more vicious, and they’ve really perfected the placement and use of clever audio samples into their song arrangements.

Killwhitneydead – “Words Don’t Last Forever Your Wounds Will”


This band isn’t trying to be something more than it already is, and I can understand people either digging them or thinking their a gimmick. But I can respect Killwhitneydead for sticking to their guns and continually releasing albums that provide plenty of laughs and killer riffs. I’ve also found it quite enjoyable to figure out where the samples come from, some I know right off the bat and others have me thinking. I will say though, they have a strong liking for Anchorman and Family Guy.

Anyway, I recommend fans of metalcore and deathcore to check these guys out. Or perhaps you’re still bitter and really pissed off at your ex-girlfriend for breaking your heart. If so, Killwhitneydead will gladly help in the healing process. Either way, if you’re looking for a fun album to listen to and still need that dose of heaviness, Killwhitneydead have what you need.

Killwhitneydead – “Put A Sock In It”




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