Ancients, the ambient metal collaboration between ex-members of Crydebris, Rinoa and Mehdi Safa of *shels, have released their first digital single “Constellations” through shelsmusic, and you can listen to the whole thing below!

Constellations” has been drifting around for a while now – used as the demo track to get a bit of interest in the band – but you can now own it for yourself, along with two versions of a new song, “De Stella Nova” (standard and acoustic).

It’s some awesomely chilled stuff, and hopefully it’ll placate you if we don’t get much content up today, because the world is devoid of interesting reportage this sunny September morn.

Have a great day anyway! I don’t say that enough. Alkahest does, but I think he’s just nicer than I am. Ah well.

– CG

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