Wait a minute, it’s September 26th, not August 1st! Why I oughta…

Hang about though. As we explained last month, there have been a few technical hitches regarding Vestascension‘s posting schedule. Things got delayed, and we were a couple of months behind, but Justin and co. are making up ground with what is technically August’s track, “Our Midnight Canvas“.

This track is also part four of ‘The Escape’ – which began with “L’Arrivée” and also included “Wishes In Awakenings” and “The Farewell Fixture” – which is some sort of run-on thing that’s probably meant to be listened to all together. I haven’t, but it could be fun!

As ever, Vestascension’s music is completely and utterly free, and available through their bandcamp – just click through on the player above.

Guitarist and general spokesman Justin Gosnell was unleashed upon Metalsucks last Friday which must have been fun (only for a day that is – it’s hard work keeping you lot happy!). We’re looking forward to the fourth instalment of his band advice column ‘Bestintenscions‘, and more than that, for September and October’s tracks – long may they live!

Until then…

– CG


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