Holy soundtrack Batman! This has kind of crept up on me to be honest, despite my ravening hunger for the new Batman game, Arkham City, but ††† (‘Crosses’ – featuring members of Deftones and Far), The Damned Things, Serj Tankian and Coheed and Cambria amongst others have contributed to the game’s soundtrack, and previews are available over at Amazon. Tracklisting is as follows:

01. “Mercenary” – Panic! At The Disco
02. “Deranged” – Coheed and Cambria
03. “Creature” – The Duke Spirit
04. “Shadow On The Run” – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
05. “Afterdark” – Blaqk Audio
06. “Oh, Stranger” – The Raveonettes
07. “The Years” – †††
08. “Trophy Widow” – The Damned Things
09. “Drown In You” – Daughtry
10. “Losing You” – The Boxer Rebellion
11. “Total Paranoia” – Serj Tankian

A mixed bag for sure – some of the choices are enough to send the sanest of Gotham’s citizens to Arkham Asylum – but some might just be your cup of poisoned tea.

After the jump we have one of the tracks in full, and some insight into its creation.

– CG


Coheed’s offering “Deranged” has been unleashed onto YouTube, and frontman Claudio Sanchez gave a short interview to the game’s creators over his love of the franchise, creating comics, and how he approached writing the track. I’d actually really like to see his take on Batman without all of the super-villains to fight.

“As a comic writer, I’ve toyed with ideas for Batman stories before, and one concept I’ve always wanted to explore is the lonely existence Batman might endure when losing his wildly maniacal counterparts, particularly The Clown Prince. When I started on the song, a few visuals resonated at the back of my mind, but one screamed out: The moment at the end of Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke when the characters share a laugh at the story’s end. It’s a beautifully ambiguous moment shrouded in dark silhouette, a moment where your glass, half-empty or half-full, has spilled. You realize love and hate are one and the same with these two. After reading the game’s treatment, I questioned the Joker’s absence indefinitely, and came up with one answer: No one could take his place at the top.”

– CG


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