Each week while out on the Frak The Gods Tour in support of their fantastic new album Dualism, Textures are taking fan questions and answering them here on Heavy Blog! You only have ONE MORE WEEK to submit questions to them, so keep your questions coming! Here’s this week’s Q&A:


While on tour, good food can be hard to come by. What’s the best meal you’ve had on tour so far?

We are eating very healthy this tour actually! We heard a lot of stories that you can only find fast food stuff, but if you look a bit further you can find a lot of great restaurants; Italian, Sushi, Mexican food, and in a lot of stores you can find enough fresh ingredients to make your own salad meal. But next to making our own meals we eat at a restaurant sometimes, yesterday we found one next to the 101 near Gilroy, had some great pasta with fish and lasagna! BART, JOCHEM

Textures Circa 2009, with Ex-Vocalist Eric Kalsbeek (center)

What is (ex-vocalist) Eric Kalsbeek doing now?

Eric is married this year, and is enjoying his life and his wife in a very peaceful way, something we quite envy at this moment if you ask me haha! BART

What are your all time favorite videogames?

Diablo 2, Pro Evolution soccer 2011, Operation Wolf, Doom 2. URI, DANIEL, JOCHEM

What are your all time favorite movies?

The Shawshank Redemption, Apocalypse Now, Amelie, The Bridge, Koyaanisqatsi ALL

What do you guys do outside of touring for income, if anything, or can you support yourselves with the band itself?

We all have part-time jobs, so with that in combination with the band we can support ourselves. BART

What are your main influences, musical or otherwise? Anything in particular outside of metal?

We listen to a LOT of different styles of music, I think the non-metal stuff inspires us the most to keep making music. We will always keep our music metal, but it is cool to gain inspiration from sources which are not so obvious. Rhythmic inspiration comes from eastern/arabic music, soundwise there is a lot of cool stuff in pop/electronic music (Peter Gabriel/Michael Jackson/Boards of Canada), and for some rock ‘n roll vibe we listen to rock/alternative music like Foo Fighters, Everytime i Die, Will Haven, Karnivool,

What music do you guys like to listen to while out on the road?

Karnivool, Dead Letter Circus, Guns ‘n Roses, Boards of Canada, Skrillex, Creedence, Otis Reding, Imogen Heap, Chicane, old Sepultura, Hatebreed, Michael Jackson, Steely Dan, ambient, drum ‘n bass and lots of more stuff. BART, STEF

Do you have a trick or special way of memorizing all the different time signatures? It seems like a difficult thing to remember by head.

Nope, we just play it a 1000 times to print it into our heads, and to get the groove! BART


That’s it for this week! Tune in next week for the third installment. Remember, you only have one more week to give us your questions. Leave them in the comments section below! Texture’s brilliant new album Dualism is out right now on Nuclear Blast records. Check our review right here, and be sure to visit Textures’ facebook page for remaining dates on their tour with Periphery, The Human Abstract, and The Contortionist.

– JR

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