Granted, it’s the same song we’ve heard Animals as Leaders play live for the past few years, but it’s nice to finally hear how it’s going to sound on the record. The biggest problem I had with the self-titled release was the awful production. It sounded like cheap plastic in audio form. I’m all for polish, but the tones were just not good. THIS however, is quite good. The production was handled by drummer Navene Koperweis and the mixing was done by guitarist Javier Reyes. Judging by how “Isolated Incidents” sounds, they did an excellent job. Hopefully we can hear some NEW new stuff soon enough!

Their upcoming album Weightless is available for pre-order right now. There’s a whole myriad of options available, including vinyl in blue, clear, and black. Get on that! Weightless is due out November 8th on Prosthetic Records.

– JR

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