These dudes in The Dillinger Escape Plan are always up to SOMETHING. If not writing/recording/touring on Dillinger, they’re doing guest spots, remixes, collaborations, and whatever other thing that can be done as a musicians. As vocalist Greg Puciato always says, they’re on “The Rock Clock,” which gives no time for sitting around and twiddling thumbs. There’s always a face to wreck somewhere, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a band more willing and able to do that without having to ask twice.

So here’s a rundown of some stuff the dudes in Dillinger are up to which you may or may not be aware of:

Greg Puciato and Soulfly’s Max Cavalera have been working together on a project of unknown specificity. The photo above is a picture that Greg tweeted of the project’s fist demo. Who knows what it will sound like!? At any rate, it’s probably most definitely going to be pretty awesome. The duo have collaborated before on a Soulfly track called “Rise of the Fallen.” Check out the video for that below:


Guitarist Ben Weinman has also been busy as usual. He’s always got a few remixes floating around (with one on the upcoming As I Lay Dying compilation). He’s also got a project brewing with Mastodon’s Brent Hinds, The Mars Volta’s Thomas Pridgen, and former Jane’s Addiction bassist Eric Avery. Regarding the progress on that particular supergroup, Ben had this to say:

“To all of you who have been asking me about my project with Brent Hinds, Eric Avery, and Thomas Pridgen, I will also be posting some song snippets in the coming weeks starting with a little something Eric Avery and I have been working on. Eric and I plan on locking ourselves in my studio for days without food or sunlight. I can’t believe the guy who wrote the ‘Mountain Song’ bass line is gonna be sleeping on my floor.  I’m sure Brent and I will have some pretty serious sessions on tour in Nov. as well. We will keep you informed.”

Exciting stuff! More exciting though is the prospect of Ben getting together with Mike Patton again! The Dillinger/Mike Patton EP Irony Is A Dead Scene completely changed my idea of what music was capable of and ushered in my love for experimental and progressive music. Without that EP, Heavy Blog might not even be here in the capacity it is now. No joke.


Metalsucks picked up the above interview with Ben in which he mentioned a collaboration brewing between the two again. I can only hope it sounds like Irony, but anything that these two geniuses can come up with will no doubt be excellent. Here’s the scoop:

“I don’t think as Dillinger, as a band [we’ll work with Patton again], but I’m probably going to be doing some project with him. I’m actually working on something right now. It’s in the works, there’s some things in the works… It’s not a secret, it’s just kind of in the early stages of… we don’t know exactly what it would be. So it’s very early stages of development.”

Ben’s also taking to the drums on a new project called Cut Throat Tactics. Here’s the situation on THAT:

Regarding my involvement in “Cut Throat Tactics” (Ink &Dagger members Don Devore, Joshua Brown, and Chris Tropea with the addition of myself Ben Weinman and Geoff Rickly), well I play drums. I have come to the conclusion that beating on things rules. Doing it in time to music makes it I guess, a little more productive. I have been tracking drums for some new tunes we have been writing all week. For more info on CTT keep up with the facebook .

So there’s that! Ben’s got his fingers in a lot of delicious pies!

Finally, guitarist Jeff Tuttle has a new project as well, called Old Gods. The dude does vocals (which we’ve heard previously on “Parasitic Twins”), and it’s pretty intense and interesting stuff. Right up your alley if you dig off-kilter hardcore oriented jams.

So as far as I know, that’s it. The dudes like to keep themselves busy, that’s for sure! Make sure you see them on tour this fall with Mastodon and Red Fang. It’s bound to be a crazy show!

– JR

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