For fear of getting bogged down in nothing but news posts about album streams, I’m just going to compile them as I see them, and content volume be damned.

First up is Rwake‘s stunning Rest, that I know JR has been enjoying the tits off it since August, and I’ve just started to delve into it as well. Catch the full stream over on their Bandcamp here and then sling big piles of money their way.

One of our brand new guys Tentaclesworth also reviewed the new Brutal Truth yesterday, and here is Hails and Horns’ stream of it.

Unfortunately he didn’t like it a whole bunch, but when you write for this website you lose all semblance of reasonable thought and professionalism apparently, so what the hell do we know!

Anydiddle, both are out next Tuesday 27th, and both on Relapse Records.

– CG


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