Despite not having released any new music since 2004, I’ve spoken about MA-based sludge/doom supergroup Old Man Gloom no fewer than four times since May – the most recent being last week’s From The Archive – which is quite a high number for such a low output.

Most of this has revolved around the on-again off-again rumours regarding a new OMG record. My hopes were raised, dashed again within a week, and lifted again all in the space of a couple of months, with no word since July.

Well, Hydrahead have announced in their usual fashion (above) some upcoming releases and re-releases with vague dates, including a sans-fanfare tidbit that Old Man Gloom will be releasing Christmas Eve 1 & 2 + 6 + Live In NY some time in November. That’s pretty freaking close…damn you and your lies Ballou!

If this is a trend, then I’m going to start talking about old defunct bands that I love in the hopes that they’ll reform/release new music. So, who here has heard of Refused…?

Also fairly exciting for vinyl collectors is the news that Hydrahead are pressing a new run of Botch‘s seminal album We Are The Romans. If you collect vinyl and don’t have this (Alkahest!) then you should definitely get on this. Pre-orders go live September 28th here.

– CG

[EDIT: It seems my OMG knowledge is lacking, and Christmas Eve I & II + 6 was originally released in 2003 – this looks to be a re-release too, potentially with live recordings. I shall now go and perform seppuku]

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