A month or so back (I can’t remember, my weeks are running together), Obscura announced that legendary bassist Jeroen Paul Thesseling had left the band. Needless to say, this was pretty lame. Few bassists can elicit such a negative reaction upon leaving a band, and anyone who has seen or heard Jeroen perform knows why the dude’s such a big deal.

But now they’ve got Linus Klausenitzer of Noneuclid handling their bass duties, and an 8 minute introduction video was produced (above). He’s certainly a pro and has a ton of credentials, and those drum and bass jams are pretty damn awesome. It looks like they’ve landed a fitting player to fill Jeroen’s shoes! The video itself is quite a nice touch that more bands could really start doing when dealing with important lineup changes, as it really reassures fans that the band they love will continue with the quality they’re known for.

So, surely we can all relax content knowing that shit is being taken care of on Obscura’s front. Awesome!

– JR


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