01. Treetops
02. Glass Faces
03. The Sound Of Glaciers Moving
04. Aviation
05. Red Sky Harbor
06. Mute Swan
07. Blood Pedals


Before I start this review, I would like to take the time to mention that along with not being familiar with this band, I’m also fairly uninformed about this genre as a whole. Djent/progressive metalcore stylings have seemingly alluded me over the past few years, but with this release, and a few others from bands like Aliases and White Arms of Athena, I’ve been sucked right into some really wonderful music. I have a feeling that I’m going to have a lot of musical homework over the next few months. Not something I can readily complain about, though.

Nostalgia is the debut EP by Corelia, and really that’s all I can tell you. I tried not to look into the bands previous demos, or other reviews of this album before listening to this myself. Too often our perceptions of music are influenced far too early, which in turn leads to us hating or liking an album we wouldn’t normal go for, all because someone we  know or look up to shares those feelings. So with that in mind, I wanted to go in head first, without any prejudices to influence me other than what Jimmy told me “Good stuff if you’re into Protest the Hero, Periphery.” Not much to go on really, but like I said, this was a good thing.

Intensity is the name of the game with Nostalgia. From the second you start this one, you are berated with a barrage of crazy riffage. One.After.Another. Seriously, the guitar work on this is fantastic. It’s the usual progressive flavor of djent, but far more groove oriented to my ears. The melodies are catchy, and the tone is quite clean.  The band seemed to just focus on writing really fun and interesting songs instead of trying to be overly technical just to be… well, overly technical. Which is something you see (hear) quite often now-a-days.

The album has a very clean production. Everything seems to compliment each other,  without overshadowing anything. The only thing that could turn potential listeners away would be the changing vocals. The majority of it is sung with high pitched clean vocals, but occasionally there will be a burst of screams or growls. I’ve always found vocal variety to be very pleasing, but I will acknowledge that it’s not for everyone. I would also like to point out that I really enjoyed the lyrics on this album. There were some cheesy passages and verses, but overall I think they’re simple yet articulate, and add a lot of heart to the vocals, especially on “Glass Faces.

There’s not much else I can say about this record. It’s just under the half hour mark, fairly normal for an EP, but dissecting it anymore would not do any good. With Nostalgia, Corelia have released a really fantastic debut, with a lot of really well down songwriting, and I think it’s the start of a very beautiful career. I truly look forward to future releases by this band, and you should all go buy this right away. Seriously.


Corelia – Nostalgia gets…


– EC


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