Each week while out on the Frak The Gods Tour in support of their fantastic new album Dualism, Textures are taking fan questions and answering them here on Heavy Blog! If you could only see our excitement!

We decided to ease the charming Dutch gentlemen into it this week with only a handful of questions. We’ll ramp up on them as we go along, so long as you folks keep your questions coming! Here’s this week’s Q&A:

1. First off, thank you guys for taking the time to do this with us! How’s America treating you guys so far, in all?

The secret to Remko's sleek and sexy style

It’s been one hell of a ride so far! We’re having a blast, meeting all the new people and driving through the beautiful landscapes. The crowds are awesome every night we play, it has even surpassed all of our expectations! BAND


2. Since you guys jokingly put it out there, what hair gel DOES Remko use?

I use Albert Heijn Styling Gel Extra Strong. I call it: ‘The Yellow Blob’ since it has a life of it’s own. REMKO


3. Do you guys like daggers?

No, just sawn-off shotguns. JOCHEM


4. What about cookies?

We love speculaas, jodekoeken and stroopwafels, the best you can get in Holland! STEF & URI


5. Textures seems to have quite the worldwide fanbase. Any plans to go out and tour less “obvious” places? (Specifically, India, Croatia, and South America are being brought up.)

We hope to tour the world in support of ‘Dualism‘ and play places where we’ve never been before. Places like Chile, Australia, Indonesia. And we will definitely come back to India for the 3rd time! BAND


6. Was it always the plan to build/setup a new studio every time you record an album? And do you plan on continuing that trend?

Textures has grown a lot in the last 10 years and so did Jochem as a producer, the studio’s are more Jochem’s thing and his company Split Second Sound, but working so close together makes Textures and SSS entwine. JOCHEM


7. How do you feel Dualism compares to your other albums, such as Silhouettes? It seems like there’s a completely different feel on this album.

We don’t feel there’s such a big difference, we have only evolved, both personally as well as musically. We always create music naturally and impulsively, so we’re not focusing on a strict Textures ‘formula’. It just come from the heart. BAND


8. Did working with Daniel de Jongh affect the writing of the album at all?

Half of the songs of Dualism were actually written before Eric left the band. Eric had some sketches for vocal lines which were really strong, so when Daniel joined the band it became a natural process for him to incorporate these lines, but also wrote a lot of new material. BAND


9. Exivious have scheduled a gig this month in Nernburg, Germany. Obviously, this conflcts as with Stefen is over here in North America. Is he still in Exivious or are they getting a fill-in for the show?

Stef is really busy with Textures, so that sometimes interferes with side-projects such as Exivious. They have a stand-in for the German show, Jasper Barendregt. The dudes of Exivious totally understand it, and fortunately they also benefit from the promotion that Textures gets. STEF


Once again, be sure to leave us your questions in the comments section below for next week. Don’t get discouraged if your question wasn’t answered this week—feel free to ask again! Also, be sure to catch Textures on the remaining dates of Frak The Gods with Periphery, The Human Abstract, and The Contortionist. See you folks next week!

– JR

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