Woah! I knew that after Cormorant‘s full length debut Metazoa, the bar was set pretty high for the artwork and what is expected from them on a visual front—the band themselves certainly know this as their fingers are kept firmly on the pulse of their fanbase. Thankfully, they decided to continue the tradition of beautifully crafted artwork by commissioning the wonderful artist Alice Duke for their highly anticipated sophomore album Dwellings. The art is quite unique in its size, which will be spread across a 6-panel digi-pack.

Along with the album art, Cormorant have rolled out a handful of special limited edition pre-order bundles, ranging from $30—$60 USD. It may sound a bit steep, but here’s the basic package:

1) Basic Bundle: $30
  • Cormorant – “Dwellings” 6-panel digipak CD printed in matte finish.  Music lovingly recorded to analog tape by Justin Weis, with gorgeous hand-drawn artwork by Alice Duke.  Includes a booklet of lyrics and credits.
  • Your name listed in the album booklet’s credits page as a benefactor.
  • A vertical full-color poster of the complete album artwork, signed by the members of Cormorant.
  • An exclusive digital collection of 80 minutes of never-before-heard Cormorant rehearsal jams, spanning our band’s history.  These raw and improvised self-produced recordings capture a completely different side of the band, and offer an unedited look into our creative process.
  • An exclusive digital collection of our long-sought 2007 practice room demos.  This demo compilation includes surprising early sketches of the songs “Trojan Horses,” “Scavengers Feast,” “Two Brothers” and “Hole in the Sea.”  It also features the never-before-released experimental doom/neo-folk track “Ronin.”
  • Both digital downloads e-mailed to you alongside your order confirmation within three days.
  • Full-color sticker of the “Dwellings” album cover front panel.
  • White on black sticker of the “Cormorant – Dwellings” calligraphy logo.
  • Early shipping.

Totally worth the price tag, if you ask me. After all, the money’s helping them to afford printing up physical copies and merch. You can check out the other packages on their official merch page.

Cormorant’s Dwellings is due out December 6th, and you can bet your ass it will be awesome.

– JR


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