I’ve got to be honest, the new Textures video for “Reaching Home” is probably one of the most stunning and beautiful metal videos I’m seen in quite some time—that is, if you’re not counting the underwater lesbians in Deftones“Sextape.” At any rate, everything about “Reaching Home” is beautiful—the effects, the cinematography itself, the neat colors and tones—who said the art of making music videos is dead?! I’ll be gawking at this video all day. It’s like white noise for my eyes. So relaxing, man.

If you somehow couldn’t tell, the new Textures album Dualism is one of this years’ many highlights. You can own it September 27th in North America, and sometime earlier than that everywhere else. Lucky Europeans!

If you somehow missed it, we’re doing weekly Q&A’s with Textures while they’re out on tour with Periphery, The Human Abstract, and The Contortionist. Ask away!

– JR

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