I know that specter is misspelled for those who get the rather blatant and lame Mass Effect joke, but whatever, it gave me a chuckle.  But anyway, I’ve always considered Elitist to be head and shoulders above most of their metalcore peers, and this new song—which is entitled “Specter“—further proves my beliefs.  The song is a great example of how the genre can stretch it’s boundaries and be interesting again, much like Picture it in Ruins‘ EP, although with different sounds entirely.


Awesome, eh?  The lyrics are pretty par-for-the-course, but the way they are delivered are fantastic.  They’ve apparently changed vocalist since their Caves EP, but this new vocalist I consider to be an upgrade.  I absolutely cannot wait for this album, which is entitled Earth, and is to be released on October 25th, six days before Uneven Structure‘s Februus.  Start saving your pennies, kids!

– GR


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