The Faceless mastermind Michael Keene has been working super hard on the new album, writing and recording at a steady pace. Unfortunately though, the album’s progress has just been put on hold these last couple of weeks, as he somehow cut his hand open pretty bad, requiring 17 stitches. Woah!

After looking back through Michael Keene’s twitter account, apparently it happened a few weeks ago when he tripped over a table with glass in his hand. That’s not nearly good enough, so I’m going to assume it was something comical, like drunkenly whipping around guitar strings while making alieny sounds. Guitar strings can be sharp, you know—especially in the presence of alcohol, which was probably in the glass that he was allegedly holding! Good, eh?!

Seriously though, as always, we’ll keep you informed when more word on the new album gets out. Get well soon, Michael!

– JR


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