I was pretty surprised when I learned earlier today that Adam Darski will be a judge on Poland’s version of The X Factor, The Voice of Poland. Yes, I do mean that one; Nergal of Behemoth fame, taking active part in a reality singing competition.

Fair enough though; he’s fairly high profile and would draw a big crowd for his sheer controversial factor – he was recently in court for ripping a bible in half on stage. He was acquitted, thankfully.

What is hilarious, however, is one Bishop Wieslaw Mering’s reaction to it. He ain’t a happy bunny. Check it:

“A blasphemer, Satanist and lover of evil incarnate will have free use of the public television screen to spread his poisonous teachings! We cannot pretend that nothing is happening, even if they should call us reactionary, intolerant Catholics or some sort of ‘berets!’ No! As citizens we have the right to voice our opinions.

We cannot be silent, when the belief of those faithful to Christianity is allowed to be challenged in this drastic way,” the statement says. “Very recently, Nergal was ‘absolved’ in public court for humiliating the Holy Scriptures saying it is ‘Shit you can plow into the ground and bury!’ He also called the church ‘a criminal sect.’ We cannot be silent, neither from fear, nor wanting to please the whims of God’s personal enemy, nor from any motives of political correctness or indifference.”

I don’t really need to say anything, but seriously? It’s this attitude that completely puts me off religion; “I’m right and if you disagree with us then you are obviously evil”. JAYsus.

As citizens you have the right to voice your opinions, sure, but so does he. Double standards much?

– CG


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