Just last year, Lantlos’ album Neon helped changed my narrow perceptions of what Black Metal could be by throwing in a double-shot of jazz and shoegaze/post-rock influence to create this very ethereal and cathartic music. I’ve stated many times that I enjoy this Post-Black scene, as it offers some truly unique musical textures that you really can’t hear anywhere else.

Lantlos will continue blowing minds this year with their new album Agape on October 28th. For those who don’t know, Agape is a Greek expression meaning a very deep and profound love, often used in the context of God’s love for Mankind, which certainly seems like an appropriate theme for music of this caliber. Should be interesting! The album art is certainly neat, painted by songwriter Herbst himself.

Keep an eye out for new music and tricklings of news over at Lantlos’ facebook page.

– JR

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