Not only that, but it will be all new material. Jesus balls, that’s pretty damn ambitious wouldn’t you say?

Now, we don’t talk about Toby Driver’s Boston-based avante-garde outfit Kayo Dot much (as indicated by the need for all that information), but I’ve been sold on their output for a while now, thanks to one of my friends over at Lurker’s Path. Hell, all of the guys over there love them, and with good reason – their music is absolutely amazing (Dowsing Anemone With Copper Tongue being my current favourite, although I haven’t listened to them recently).

As Gunshyassassin reports, Driver and co. will be recording their forthcoming show on October 5th at  Littlefield in Brooklyn:

“We have a very special concert lined up… at this concert, we’re going to play a full set of all-new material and record the whole thing,” the band says in a statement. “Afterward, we’re going to take these recordings home and do a million overdubs. This will be our next album. We hope that as many of you as possible can come to this show, especially because there will be some audience participation, which will be crucial to the sound of the record”

If you can’t wait that long, New Yorkers can also see them on September 13th at Le Poisson Rouge. Lucky bastards.

– CG


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