Here’s your chance to ask Textures whatever’s on your mind! The Dutch prog sextet are currently on tour with Periphery, The Human Abstract, and The Contortionist, ripping North America a new hole in which to send and/or receive. Luckily, they’ve been gracious enough to take some time off from doing that to answer a few fan questions every week while out on tour, beginning next week! We’re excited, and hopefully you are too! Leave all of your questions in the comments section below!

Textures’ highly anticipated new album Dualism is due out Sept. 23 (EU, JP, AUS, South America) and Sept. 27 (North America). You can check out Chris’ review of it here and pre-order it here. The Frak The Gods Tour is in full swing! Check for the remaining tour dates on the band’s Facebook page. See you folks next week!

– JR

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