Uneven Structure‘s long-anticipated debut album Februus has finally been given a release date. As they always do, Basick Records have given us a jizztastic amount of information all together – and it looks to be one of the most interesting albums we’ve seen in a while.


We’ve been super excited about this one for a while – featuring the band in Prog-Metal March before the preview track “Frost was ever heard.

It’s a thirteen-piece concept album covering not one but TWO discs, and guitarist Aure Pereira had this to say:

If we were to give any advice to our fans before they listen to Februus, we would tell them to take their time and really open their minds to the music, because there are a million different listening levels. Recording has taken us so long but we think it was worth the wait in the end. We wanted to be sure that we had put the best of us in it and I think we’ve been successful at doing that. Thall.

Interested in knowing the tracklisting? That and more after the jump!

Disc One:
01: Awaken
02: Frost
03: Hail
04: Exmersion
05: Buds
06: Awe
07: Quittance
08: Limbo
09: Plenitude
10: Finale

Disc Two:
11: Dew Upon Shapeless Bounds
12: Winds From Untold Memories
13: Promises Of Our Early Days

If you’ve been out of the loop on my obsession with these guys, I’ve embedded some of their video updates to get you ready for this monumental release:





It’s crazy yet fascinating to see this album come into fruition and for a fan like me who has been waiting for close to 2 years now, you almost want to shed a tear. Figuratively, of course.

Nevertheless, be aware and ready. This might be the best thing this year.

Februus will be released October 31st through Basick Records, but if you want to catch a preview before then you can see the band on the Lowering The Tone UK tour with TesseracT and Chimp Spanner starting tonight (Chris is going, lucky bastard), or at Euroblast on October 21st/22nd, where advance copies will be available!

– MK

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