The news on the new Animals as Leaders album is trickling in steadily. It’s only a matter of time before we hear new tunes from Weightless. MMMYESSSS.

Here’s the tracklist, via the almighty Wookubus at ThePRP:

01 – “An Infinite Regression”
02 – “Odessa”
03 – “Somnarium”
04 – “Earth Departure”
05 – “Isolated Incidents”
06 – “Do Not Go Gently”
07 – “New Eden”
08 – “Cylindrical Sea”
09 – “Espera”
10 – “To Lead You To An Overwhelming Question”
11 – “Weightless”
12 – “David“

We’ll be able to finally hear this thing November 08th on Prosthetic Records. So that means that in November we get both Animals as Leaders AND Cynic releases? Sweet Christ, yes. Also in November, you can catch Animals as Leaders on tour with Between the Buried and Me and Tesseract. This year has been far too kind to us. You’ll have plenty to be thankful for by the time Thanksgiving rolls around.

– JR

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