Not so much a stream of streams, but there are a couple anyway. First up we have Primus‘s Green Naugahyde (which I still can’t spell properly) which, somewhat bizarrely, is coming at you through South Park‘s Facebook page. Yeah, the cartoon with the foul-mouthed children – that one.

I don’t get the connection, but I’m sure there’s one somewhere. You’ll need to ‘like’ South Park’s page (as if they need it), but that ain’t such a big deal. Half the world is on there anyway, and the other half don’t have opposable thumbs, no matter what certain adverts may say.

Or at least I hope not. Dear god. Anywho, Green Naugahyde is out September 12th in Europe and September 13th in America through ATO Records and Prawn Song. JR’s review here.

– CG

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