The award for massive bumming out news of the day (actually yesterday, but whatever) is handed to shelsmusic today for pointing out the fact that the next Down I Go Ep, which they will be releasing, is to be their last. Down I Go? Who? Brothers and sisters, let me educate you.

Down I Go are one of the most unique hardcore bands I’ve ever heard. They utilise some pretty off-kilter time signatures, a wide variety of instruments and vocal styles, and all backed up with some interesting concepts – their album Tyrant being about…well, a bunch of Tyrants. Regarding the new EP, shelsmusic describe its inevitable genius thusly:

Gods is not a simple collection of songs…it’s an event that needs to be appreciated as a whole. Like a play, choreographed by lunatics at an insane asylum it shrieks and twists chaotically.”

As you might have guessed from the header image, Gods is out November 7th, with a video for one of the new tracks out a month before. To get you acclimatised in the meantime, below is my favourite song, “Tomas De Torquemada” which opens Tyrant.


After the jump the bizarrely erotic video for “A Wasp In A Jar” from Disastercore, which is also the name if a tongue-in-cheek subgenre they claim to have created. But of course!

– CG



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