The band formerly known tentatively as Bewilderbiest have settled upon the name Bereft for all future endeavours. If you missed the last time we mentioned them – or are merely too lazy to click through the link – the band is one of those collaborative efforts from members of other well-known bands. It features Sacha Dunable  of Intronaut and Graviton, Derek Donley of National Sunday Law and also of Graviton, Charles Elliott of Abysmal Dawn and Derek Rydquist who quit The Faceless earlier this year – an announcement that suspiciously coincided with the announcement of this project…

Things are certainly moving forward, and the band have released their first song “Withered Efflorescence” via their Facebook page for the price of one ‘like’. Standard.

Vocalist/guitarist Charles Elliot had this to say about the song:

“This will give everyone a taste of what this band is about; dark, depressing, doom. Definitely different from what we do in our usual bands. It’s heavy as hell and we’re all really proud how the record and collaboration came out, and we hope people feel the same way.

On this particular track Sacha and Derek D. worked together on the music while Derek R. and I worked on the lyrics. I’ve always envisioned vocal tradeoffs with Sacha on this one, ever since the demo he sent me years ago, so that’s what you hear on the chorus.

This project has been on the back burner since 2008, so we hope people enjoy finally listening to it as much as we do. Come check out our first show ever at The Handbag Factory this month in Los Angeles!”

If you’re interested and in the area, the band will be playing their first ever show at the Handbag Factory in L.A. on September 30th.

– CG

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