We mentioned last week that TesseracT are in the process of recording a new video for the track “Eden” from One, having also re-recorded the song with Elliot Coleman on vocals (Dan left apparently. I swear that’s something we would have heard about…).

The video is being handled by Ganesh Rao, who made this visually arresting video for his own track “Empyrean“. The TesseracT guys have released a few stills from the shoot and the set and going by the shot above and the past work of Rao it’s going to look damn pretty.

It looks to be highly conceptual; the guy wearing the France The Mute-esque red hood and the white-painted woman has a blindfold in one of the shots that I’m sure is super metaphorical. Probably.

We’ll no doubt show you the video when it’s released, so in the meantime go check out TesseracT on either their Lowering The Tone UK Tour (with Chimp Spanner and Uneven Structure) starting tomorrow, or supporting Between the Buried and Me and Animals As Leaders later this fall.

Interestingly, the woman in the “Eden” video appears to be the same one in the “Empyrean” video. Wouldn’t surprise me. Rao is also working on a video album to be released next year. Definitely keep an eye out for that one.

– CG


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