In what appears to be the laziest album titling since KoRn decided to forgo even giving a name to their 2007 release, Absu have announced that the second album in their ‘Abyssic Trilogy’ will be titled Abzu and will see a release on the 4th of October through Candlelight Records. The new track “Abraxas Connexus” (below) is the first and apparently only track we’ll be hearing before the release date — an interesting tactic but it definitely has me excited for this release. There’s no huge departure of sound from Absu but I’m not complaining, there aren’t many bands peddling blackened thrash that has this much character.


Tracklisting for Abzu after the jump:

01. Earth Ripper

02. Circles Of The Oath

03. Abraxus Connexus

04. Skrying In The Spirit Vision

05. Ontologically, It Became Time And Space

06. A Song For Ea

Bonus Fact: Once the Abyssic Trilogy is over, you can look forward to confusing Absu, Abzu and Apsu!



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