Cynic and The Faceless have toured together on several occasions, which in and of itself is a sign that all is right in the world of forward-thinking underground music. The two bands apparently hit it off quite well, and now there’s some talk about the two bands co-headlining a tour together in the near future. If this doesn’t get you excited, this website is clearly not for you.


Both The Faceless and Sumerian Records (who–keep in mind—have an in-house booking agency) mentioned this possibility as seen above, but on first appearance I put it off as some spitballing and didn’t want to get my hopes up over something that might not happen. Now, thanks to an emailed tip we got, that may now seem more likely. It appears that Cynic has gained a bassist in Brandon Griffin, ex-bassist for The Faceless. Obviously, this strengthens the ties between the two bands and to me, makes the dream-team tour that much more possible.

Obviously, nothing has been officially confirmed, but it seems too likely to go unreported. Keep your fingers crossed, because this tour could not be less than stellar!

– JR

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