We told you about the new song “Affirmation of Ascension” by them a couple of weeks ago, but LA-based band Volumes are now streaming the entirety of their brand new album Via via Facebook (obvious joke is obvious. I tried not punning for a while but you can’t fight nature) right now, which in the interest of brevity you can find here, and I will say no more about it as I haven’t heard it myself yet. Story of my life. You will of course have to ‘like’ it, but that’s not a binding contract with regard to your reaction towards it by any means.

Via is officially out September 27th through Mediaskare Records, and if you like it then Volumes might be hitting a city near you soon on the Crush ‘Em All II Tour, on which they are special guests for selected dates. Scheduled stops and other bands on the tour in the link above.

– CG

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