It’s probably not coincidence that I completely overlooked the various press release about Vallenfyre – Century Media’s new death metal signing – so forgive my ignorance on the subject, but they are apparently a supergroup made up of members of Paradise Lost, At The Gates, My Dying Bride and Doom. Now, I’ve only cursorially heard of most of those, and none were mentioned in any e-mail subject lines, so it just goes to show how much PR is pot-luck. If we take the time to more than skim-read correspondence then you’re doing well, trust me.

So it’s lucky that one of our favourite online rags, the ever-vigilant Thrash Hits, caught the ball that we evidently dropped, and as they point out it was kind of funny to mask the outfit’s clear selling point – but it’s a moot point so never mind.

So Vallenfyre: the band is the brainchild of vocalist/lead guitarist Greg Mackintosh (Paradise Lost), Hamish Glencross (My Dying Bride) on rhythm and lead guitars, Scoot (Doom, Extinction of Mankind) on bass, Adrian Erlandsson (At The Gates, Paradise Lost) on drums, and a guy called Mully on rhythm guitar, and they sound a little something like this.

There’s a bit of story behind the project too. As Mackintosh’s statement says:

“In the late summer of 2009, my father John Mackintosh was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Later in the Autumn as his treatment progressed, Paradise Lost embarked on the their European tour to support the latest album [Faith Divides Us – Death Unites Us]. A week into this, I received a call from my mother telling me that the doctors had found cancer in his lungs and it was terminal. He only had weeks to live. I made the decision to leave the tour leaving my very able guitar tech Milly [not be confused with Vallenfyre’s Mully] to take my place. I went and stayed with my parents for the next few weeks. After a very sad and painful time he passed away on the 2nd December early in the morning. Over the next few weeks I experienced all the famous stages of grief. It started to become very self destructive so I decided to channel it into creating something. To pay respects to the man that drove us to our very first gigs because none of us could drive. The only Dad I knew that listened to Bolt Thrower’s Peel Sessions on the radio. The guy who gave me my first chord book. I decided that I was going to go right back to the beginning. To my roots in Death, Crust and Doom. It all started very Angst ridden. This wasn’t originally meant for anyone else to hear. It was a release. After recording some material I realized that I was actually enjoying doing this but I wanted friends involved so it could actually become real fun.”

So all that should be relevant to quite a few of your musical spectrums. Vallenfyre’s debut EP Desecration is out now on Imperium Productions if all that interests you, and their album A Fragile King will be out soon on CM.

– CG

Supplemental: this is my 500th post for the site. Happy postday to me!


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