I totally understand why some people don’t like Betraying the Martyrs. The clean vocals and orchestrations may turn some people off. I, on the other hand, absolute adore them. Their vocalist has a low that is comparable to Phil Bozeman (of Whitechapel fame), and it’s all well arranged, orchestrated, and epic. So imagine my day when I found their new video, which you can see here:


My day did indeed become boneriffic, and so should yours, if this kind of thing appeals to you. The video is well shot and well edited but it brings the cheese, and at its core is nothing more than the band doing this awesome tune, which debuted in the form of this video. The song, entitled “Man Made Disaster“, is a total tour-de-force of well produced, well balanced metal, changing moods and time with ease.  Some parts honestly remind me of a toned down Deconstruction gone deathcore, which is not a bad comparison at all.

Breathe In Life will be released on Sumerian Records and Listenable Records on September 20th, and I’m foaming at the mouth for it.

– GR


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