Remember we announced last week that The Ocean would be conducting a pretty hectic touring schedule this coming fall, with dates in China, The U.S. and Europe?

Well they posted the following update early this morning, and it looks like bad news for those in America hoping to catch them.

“Today is a shit day. Our upcoming US tour just fell apart. We had been confirmed for quite a while for a direct support slot on a good 6-weeks US tour in October and November, and yesterday it was decided that this tour is now being postponed to late November into December. We are not available at that time. Our flights to the US have already been booked for weeks, and we’ve been left high and dry again… somehow we’re just not lucky over there it seems!”

Telling it like it is. Will we ever know who fluffed up? Probably not (although we can speculate if a big six-week tour raises its head in November/December). That said, I’m sure Robin and co. would rather not have wasted the money, and so might try and set something else up quickly so it’s not a total dud. You guys would still go see them, right? Anyway, bummer.

– CG

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