Pitchfork have bagged themselves the stream of Wolves In The Throne Room‘s majestic new track “Thuja Magus Imperium“, which will appear on their forthcoming album Celestial Lineage. I’m not sure what a Thuja is, why it’s magical or over what it rules, but the track is awesome. The beginning reminds me a lot of “Gollum’s Song” by Emiliana Torrini from the second Lord of the Rings film (a truly amamzing song, if you haven’t heard it) with its haunting female vocals. The rest is what I’d probably call post-black metal, and as you might expect from these guys it’s full of classy atmospherics on top of the usual black metal fare of staccato riffs and harsher-than-watching-your-nan-deep-throat-a-banana vocals.

It’s twelve minutes long but definitely worth your time. Celestial Lineage is out pretty soon – September 13th on Southern Lord.

– CG



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  1. Solas Jansen

    “Thuya” refers to a coniferous family of trees, many of which grow in the deep Olympic Peninsula in the northwest US. Basically, the title translates as: “The utmost Majick of the Thuya”, or, at least I want it to…


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