Things got a little silly this week in the comments. Whether or not it’s because we’ve not had much to talk about and the kids have been getting restless I don’t know, but a bunch of our less favourable reviews have taken a beating this week from people with such charming pseudonyms as “SUCK A DICK SLUT”. No biggie, but one particularly persistent and onerous individual highlighted what is wrong with a lot of arrogant little wankers on the internet these days.

He claimed to have his own band (named something ridiculous to do with being decapitated by a train), but on taking him up on his offer, found out A) that it was just him, B) was apparently a vomit-inducing meld of deathcore and trance, and C) that he hadn’t actually made anything for it yet because he was too lazy and he’d “do it when he felt like it”. He was also expecting a label to be along any minute now to shower him with gold and hoes. If you’re reading this James; good job buddy!

It got me thinking though; about what bands the bands that have ‘made it’ have been through for their art. What kind of hours have been put in, either in the practice room or slaving over the mixing desk; how many relationships have been sacrificed in the name of touring; how many body parts or health in general have been compromised in the name of performance.

So who do you think are the most hard-working bands out there? Let us know in the comments.

– CG

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