Drewsif Stalin’s one cool dude. It’s like he’s constantly releasing bits of new musical endeavors left and right, which I can dig. If the above photo doesn’t make it obvious, he’s also known to get silly and have fun. It’s always nice to meet musicians who are great at what they do and don’t take themselves so seriously, you know?

My man-crush on Drew is never ceasing, and with the new DSME cover of Katy Perry‘s “E.T.” (the version without Kanye West, thankfully), it only grows stronger. I always thought as Katy Perry as being better than your run of the mill pop-stars, and if there’s anything that can get me to notice how infectiously catchy pop is, it’s metal covers and mashups (see: “Bleedarazi”, which made me actually pay attention to Lady Gaga). Check out the video of Drew and drummer Anup Sanstry slinging some djenty pop woo.


You can download the track for free at the DSME bandcamp page. Enjoy your new guilty pleasure.

– JR


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